The Hash Quiz Number 1, by Rear Entry

This is the first one, it's very simple, no fancy technology. Write down your answers and check them after Wednesday evening when I put the answer page up. No cheating - so no looking things up on the Internet, on your phones or anything like that.

Please check your own answers (we trust you!) and check the box after each one you got right. Then fill in your name and click the button at the bottom.

  1. Arse About Face had his arse signed by a group of ladies at an event last year. What was the event and what were the group of ladies called? (2 points)
    Lechlade Music Festival
  2. Where was Rear Entry when he earned his name? A point each for the type of place and the location.
    A car park, I went in through the exit
    Cirencester. The exit is now the entrance, so I was just premature.
  3. Hash pub crawls often visit the Roaring Donkey. What was this pub previously called?
    The Rising Sun
  4. Name two pubs where Mildred was the Landlady (a point each).
    The Rolleston, The Victoria, Level 3, The Rock, The Steamer, The Swan
  5. In his song last year I said that Peacemaker had been taught by Jesus, which is true. What did I mean by that?
    He was educated at Jesus College, Cambridge
  6. Which hare proudly announced that 'he doesn't set boring runs' at the start of a hash run that was such a disaster that he got 6 down downs? For a bonus point, which pub was the run from?
    The Five Bells
  7. Which celebrity did Bum Flasher flash her bum to?
    Jason Donovan
  8. What was MicroFrite frightened of?
    A plane pulling a glider
  9. When a cow had fallen into the river Thames at Lechlade, which hasher bravely led it out? (The hasher's name is a clue.)
    I'll Do It
  10. What type of meat is Wiltshire famous for?
    Ham. I've always assumed it's why our logo is a pig, but I've never actually asked.

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