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Founded 11 Nov 1984 by Brian Gray. Mother Hash: Cheltenham and Cotswold

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Moonrakers Full Moon Epicurean Extravaganza Report by Bones

I joined KitKat and Bonio on the train to Chippenham, to help lay the trail. They made up the route as they went, not knowing Chippenham, and being familiar with one pub. There were several stops, to sample the beer on offer, and consult a small piece of paper with some suggestions from Kneed. It was a good route, I didn't realise Chippenham was so blessed with good pubs, interesting houses and a picturesque walk along the river Avon. The hash didn't see any of it, because the route was abandoned after pub two.

We reached the railway bridge and KitKat volunteered to meet the hashers off the 4.15pm train, to make sure they made it to the start. It was 4.20pm, and the train had been and gone. Bonio and I said nothing and proceded to the carpark to meet the hash. It seemed a shame to say anything, KK HAD A JOB.

The lone NWH3 harriette that had alighted from the 4.15 train was not there. Florence had veered off into the Little George, and was enjoying a pint. Her unerring instinct had found the cheapest pint in Chippenham. Sweat Monster, from Bristol H3 was there 'tho'. We had a hash.

We fetched KK, and joined Florence for an unscheduled stop in the Little George, and then headed for pub one, The Brunel. Kneed joined us there, having just returned from skiing. Sweat Monster reckons Kneed is an excellent skier, and for those interested, check facebook for an exciting clip of Kneed, with head camera, speeding down the slope, and chatting up a tasty bird on the way. What a crooner, what honeyed words........

The Bridge House was pub two, and we were joined by Floosie. Having a real good time by then. The Gladstone Arms followed and then the best little pub in Chippers. Rarely do you find a nice landlady, beautiful pub and brilliant beer. This one has it all. The Three Crowns.

It also had:


I don't remember much after the fannies. Except Mudplugger joined us, and we ended up at the Old Road Tavern for our final tipple before catching the last train home. Then a curry.

Woke up next morning feeling well with myself and the world. Can't beat a good time out pubbing with pals. The twelve pubs of Chippenham is now on the agenda for next Christmas.

On on - Bones.

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